What you should consider before buying running and workout earbuds

What you should consider before buying running and workout earbuds - One Futureworld

Music is one of the most important aspects for runners. But there are a lot more things to consider before buying those earbuds, like whether you prefer wired or wireless ones and how they fit in your ears as well as their battery life. Before you opt for any earbuds, here are three things you must always consider: wired vs. wireless, fit and battery life.

Let’s look at these three options individually to give you a better perspective.

Wired earbuds vs. true wireless earbuds

Wired earbuds are great because they never need to be charged and you can plug into the treadmill at the gym to listen to TV. However, if you ever pulled one out of your ear while it was plugged in, you’ll have to endure some minutes of disturbance. This is why a wireless earbud is probably a better choice for you thanks to Bluetooth technology which allows music listening from anywhere without losing sound quality.

There are many reasons why wired headphones might seem more appealing than their wire-free counterparts (such as not having to charge them or being able to use them on treadmills). However, these benefits come with some significant drawbacks: accidentally pulling one bud out when it’s connected by wires creates an audio disturbance that could last until someone plugs back in; however, this issue does not exist with Bluetooth enabled earbuds.

You might wonder why some headphones are called wireless despite the fact that there's a wire connecting them. Wireless, in this case, means they rely on Bluetooth to transmit sound signals from your device to speakers near your ears instead of relying on cables typically used for wired phones.

Truly wireless headphones are more popular than ever. With no cord connecting the two earbuds, there's nothing to get tangled up in or break! Bose recently released a pair of true-wireless running earphones that will keep you moving with your favorite music and without pesky cords getting caught on obstacles as you go about your workout. The SoundSport Free was our first truly wireless headphone release but this year we have also introduced 2 pairs for runners: the Sport Earbuds which are engineered for exercise, and QuietComfort® Earbuds if noise canceling is something you're after too (and it should be!).


If you're a fitness fanatic, there's nothing more important than the perfect running shoe. And just like your shoes it is always better to know that you have complete support and stability when working out - so why not get earbuds with as much comfort? It can be frustrating knowing how quickly an adrenaline rush will stop once exercise has been interrupted by accidentally adjusting one of those pesky wires! 

Fit varies widely in different pairs of headphones, but including some key points should help make choosing easier for any gym goer or runner. Think about what kind of fit feels good after a few miles on the treadmill- thick cords might feel great at first but become annoying later down the road. 

The tip of your earbuds should fit snugly and stay put. How do you know which one? We spent years measuring how people’s ears vary in shape, size, etc., so we created a unique ear tip just for you! You don’t have to worry about these earbuds falling out or moving around. Their silicone exterior is soft and the umbrella-shaped tip can stay in place no matter how active you are so they won't fall off when working it at your next workout!

Our headphones come with three different pairs of tips (in sizes S/M/L), so you can choose the one that feels best for your ears. There is no need to worry about wearing a set of earbuds on both sides if they don’t match up in size, because we got you covered!

Bose's new Sport earbuds have an innovative and compact design that makes them feel secure in your ears. Despite the size difference, they still provide a comfortable fit with multiple ear tip sizes to choose from.

 Battery life

You know when you're running late and your music cuts out? It's not a good feeling. That won't happen if you have an around-ear headphone that lasts for hours, or in-ear headphones with enough battery life to make it through the day - and most importantly, will keep blasting your tunes even after workouts are over!

Do your headphones ever give you that extra boost to push past your limits? If they do, then don't let them quit before you do. So, pay attention to how long they last per charge when you're using them and how easy it is to recharge once the battery has died.

Bose’s earphones provide up to five hours’ worth of battery life. This can be enough for the average person who wants to run an entire marathon. The Bose Sport Earbuds come with an included charging case which allows you two full charges when fully charged, giving your buds 10 more hours!

Shop now via the link below, or drop by any of our Bose Premium Reseller retail stores and experience it yourself! 


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