Bose TV Speakers vs Soundbars: When to Choose Which Type?

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So, you're a movie aficionado who wants to feel like you're in a cinema while in the comfort of your home. Besides screen quality, we all know the most important part of the movie experience is having amazing sound quality. But how do you achieve that Dolby Digital "" experience without breaking the bank?

You have a couple of options here—you can either get external speakers for your TV, or get a soundbar. If you're not sure which is more suitable for your home, this article will give you a breakdown of important differences between these products, so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Speakers vs Soundbars

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Speakers come in lots of different shapes and sizes. If you intend to use speakers to boost your TV's audio quality, they will probably be larger and bulkier compared to a soundbar. However, if space around your TV isn’t a major issue, the bulkiness of the sound system might be more of an asset than anything. After all, the speakers will just add to the home theatre aesthetic.

Here are 3 benefits of speakers:

1. Better quality sound

The audio performance of a full surround sound system is hard to beat. Since speakers are larger than soundbars and can be strategically placed around a room, they provide users with a truly immersive sound experience. For anyone who wants to feel like they're a part of the on-screen action, the Bose Surround Speakers 700 would be an excellent pick.

2. Flexible

One of the biggest perks of getting speakers is their flexibility. You can start with a basic speaker system and add more speakers as you save up, or you can get portable speakers for a multi-TV home. If you're interested in enhancing your TV's sound quality but want to try speakers out before spending lots of money, consider Bose SoundLink Revolve II speaker for an affordable option. It's small and portable while still offering big sound.

3. Attractive design

While soundbars are intended to blend in with your TV set-up, speakers are meant to stand out! A full home theatre speaker system will not only give your TV's sound quality a boost, but it will also tell guests that you're serious about your TV-watching experience. The Bose Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system is a breathtakingly beautiful set of speakers that offers remarkable sound performance. You'll be wowed every time you walk into the room.

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A soundbar is a compact speaker system that usually sits below your TV, providing an all-in-one immersive audio experience. Several speakers are integrated into one sleek soundbar, and these devices typically feature a subwoofer either built-in or as a possible add-on.

Here are 3 benefits of soundbars:

1. Convenient

Because of how slim and compact soundbars are, they're a convenient addition to any TV set-up. You don't need much room to accommodate a soundbar, making them perfect for users with space constraints. For rich sound from a device that blends in seamlessly with your TV, try the Bose TV Speaker.

2. More affordable

Although soundbars come in a range of prices, there are great options at much lower price points than that of speakers. A high-performing soundbar may set you back about $1k, whereas a home entertainment speaker set would be closer to $5k. If you want to improve your TV sound quality inexpensively, the Bose Smart Soundbar 300 is an excellent choice at only $599.

3. Simple

Soundbars are easy to install, setup, and operate. You don't have to be an audiophile or a technology expert to get a soundbar up and running in your home in no time. For this reason, soundbars appeal to lots of TV and movie lovers. Take a few minutes to set up the Bose Smart Soundbar 600 then sit back, relax and enjoy movie night. It's that simple!

Bose TV Speaker vs Bose Smart Soundbars

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Whether your choice is a speaker or a soundbar ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. But in the space-limited, bargain-loving environment of Singapore, you may be interested in two of Bose's top-quality soundbars—namely, the Bose TV Speaker and the Bose Smart Soundbar.

The Bose TV Speaker is the epitome of "small but mighty". It boasts impressive sound for its small, sleek design, and its highlights include superior dialogue and bass performance, Bluetooth streaming, and natural-sounding audio.

The Bose Smart Soundbar takes things to the next level by incorporating Dolby Atmos and exclusive Bose technologies into one compact bar.  You’ll be amazed and captivated by the theater-like sound experience; immersion like you’ve never felt before. The Smart Soundbars come with Amazon Alexa built in and works well with Google Assistant, multiple wireless streaming methods and you can connect to the Bose Music app for multi-room functionality.

If you're not fully convinced by soundbars but are hesitant about dropping a ton on speakers, let our portable Bluetooth speakers ease you in.

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Experience Bose's Speakers and Soundbars In Person

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At the end of the day, the comparison above provides only the basic specifications of each product. The best way to choose speakers or soundbars is to experience the sound quality for yourself.

One FutureWorld, Singapore's official Bose reseller, encourages customers to try out the soundbars and immerse themselves with the experience at their demo rooms, while the experienced sales consultants can help you with your choices based on your requirements. Take the next step towards an epic movie night and request a demo appointment with one of our sales managers today!